Olympic Peninsula Bluebill FLYER Contents


Sept 2020
Chair Report by Bob Keever
Of the 3 Bluebills chapters serving Jefferson, Kitsap and Clallam counties. the Olympic Peninsula Bluebills , has been one of the most successful in terms of getting things done. Since its inception over 20 years ago.

Special Features
Help Requested- School Supplies
Cash for Gold

Calendar for September

Independent Living
JeffCo Builders - Unusual Ramp
JeffCo Builders - Client Gets Three Ramps
JeffCo Builders - Unique Handrail
Kitsap Builders - Two Ramps
Builders Status

The Wayback Machine-
How the Bluebills Got Started ..
Volunteer Hours

Leadership Roster
August 2020
Chair Report by Barbara Berthiaume
COVID-19 has continued to stop most Bluebill activities except some wheelchair ramp building and grab bar installations. We are collecting money for back to school supplies for K-6, and working with PSO and supports STEM.
Myron Vogt is now home and is progressing back to health.

Special Features
Help Requested- School Supplies

The Wayback Machine- Salute to Ken Snider

Cash for Gold- New Location

The McKays Move On

Calendar for August - No WV Activities Scheduled

Independent Living
JeffCo Builders - Port Ludlow Project
JeffCo Builders - We Have The Angles
JeffCo Builders - Fast Ramp in Chimacum
Kitsap Builders - Third Time Around Ramp
Kitsap Builders - Sink or Swim.
Builders Status

Volunteer Hours

Leadership Roster
July 2020
Chair Report by Barbara Berthiaume
Myron Vogt was diagnosed with a recurrence of lung cancer and was operated on at the University
of Washington Hospital. Our thoughts and prayers are with Myron and
Valeria at this time.
The pandemic has stopped most of the Bluebill activities, and we will
take it a step at a time to see what we can continue to do safely.
Additionally, several Key people of the organization are moving on or passed away,
It will take our entire membership to work to ensure the Bluebills continue to thrive.

Special Features
Cash for Platinum, Silver and Gold Event in Sept
Meet Ted Muralt

Calendar for July - No WV Activities Scheduled
Independent Living

The Wayback Machine
JeffCo Builders - Masked Man Strikes Again!
Kitsap Builders - Minor Repairs? ..
Kitsap Builders - Ramping Up
Builders Status


Leadership Roster

June 2020
Chair Report
Things are hold Because of covid-19,  may be back at it in a couple weeks
World Vision Program
Summer Feeding program-Chimacum
STEM Program
Quarterly and Year-end Meetings

Special Features
Bluebills Summer Golf and BBQ Cancelled
Dove House Golf Tournament Cancelled

Calendar for June - No WV Activities Scheduled

Independent Living
The Wayback Machine
Builders’ Aprons
World Vision - We Do What We Can
JefCo Builders - Who Was That Masked Man?
Kitsap Builders - Trestle Table Update
Kitsap Builders - Tale of Mice and Men
Builders Status

Volunteer Hours
Leadership Roster
May 2020
Chair Report
Things are hold Because of covid-19

Special Features
David Goudie Passes
Time to Go, by Clint Webb
Fond Farewells, by Barbra Berthiaume

Calendar for May - No WV Activities

Independent Living
The Wayback Machine
Bluebills Chimacum Warehouse - 14 Years
Jefferson Builders - From 2010
Kitsap Builders - Time for Home Projects
Builders and World Vision Status

It’s a Duck!
Volunteer Hours
Leadership Roster
April 2020
Chair Report .
The Coronavirus have necessitated suspending most of our Bluebill activities,
 as we interact with many agencies and organizations that have been forced to close for the foreseeable future.
 Additionally, Membership/Leadership changes have affected our operations..

Special Features
Bluebills Budget on Hold
WV Essential Supplies Fight COVID-19
Rhody Parade Still Scheduled for May

Calendar for April- No WV Activities
Out and About- Bluebills in the Community
On Special Assignment - Trestle Table Update

Independent Living
Kitsap Builders - Is it a Bridge or a Ramp?
Kitsap Builders - More Ramps
Jefferson Builders - Fastest Ramp?
Ever Resourceful Michael Graham
Builders Status - Projects on Hold

Thanks From the Community
Kitsap Ramp
Jefferson Teen Center
Grab Bars
Kingston Christian Church
Port Townsend Ramp
Grab Bars Too
Catholic Community Services

Volunteer Hours

Leadership Roster

March 2020
Chair Repor
 In the Blink of an Eye -- 2019 complete ramping up for 2020

Special Features
Help Needed: for the Port Townsend Rhody Parade on May 16th

Meet Some New Bluebills
 John and Karen Behrens
John White

You Can Have a Bluebill Badge

Calendar for March

Peninsula Support Organization (PSO) and Museum of Flight
hosted a Science Day at the Brinnon School.

Out and About- Bluebills in the Community
A Hearth-warming Effort -- volunteers help cut and split up logs and deliver it.
On Special Assignment -- BB Greg DeVault, is “on loan” to the Port Gamble S’Klallam
Foundation for the creation of a “Renaissance Garden” at Heronswood Preserve.

Independent Living
JeffCo Builders - Marrowstone Makeover
Kitsap Builders - Pathway to Success
Kitsap Builders - Bremerton Ramp
Kitsap Builders - Additional Ramps
Builders Data

Volunteer Hours

Leadership Roster
February 2020
Chair Report
 Things Are Always Changing _ Posts being vacated and filled

Special Features
Help Needed: Grand Marshal Honors for BBs
Meet Some New Bluebills  Doug McMicken  &  Cal Williams

State Science & Engineering Fair- Judges Needed!

Calendar for February

Independent Living
JeffCo Builders - Inside Job
Kitsap Builders - New Recruits Put to the Test
Kitsap Builder Data- 2019
Builders Data

Bluebill Elves on the Move
Volunteer Hours

Leadership Roster

January 2020
Chair Report
2019 Performance Review

Special Features
Jobs Available!
Christmas Giving Event

Calendar for January

Independent Living
Kitsap Builders - Santa for Seniors
JeffCo Builders - Ramp by the Bridge
Chimacum Ramp
Garage Ramps
Builder Data

World Vision
Essential Supplies Calendar- First Half of 2020

Volunteer Hours

Leadership Roster

December 2019
Chair Report
Volunteer, It’s Good For You (Your Health)

Special Features
Meet some New Bluebills
Bonnie Douglass– Congratulations!

Calendar for December

Independent Living
JeffCo Builders - Ramps and Railings
Ramping up for the Future
A Ramp to Come Home to
A Safer Platform
Kitsap Builders - The Pets We’ve Met
Builder Data
World Vision
World Vision and the Bluebills

Volunteer Hours

Leadership Roster
November 2019
Chair Report
 Looking Back at the Year .(Program Accomplishments and agencies support)

Special Features
Christmas Giving Luncheon-
Wine Tasting Event
Fall Social
Play the Match Game- Gift Matching by Boeing

Calendar for November

Independent Living
Kitsap Builders- A Challenging Ramp
JeffCo Builders - Ramps and Railings
Builder Data

World Vision
Bluebills Deliver School Supplies
Essential Supplies Delivered and Picked up

Volunteer Hours
Birthdays .

Leadership Roster .
October 2019
Chair Report
Boeing Bluebills Organization - Central Leadership & Non-profit

Special Features
Fall Meeting-
Wine Tasting to Benefit STEM Education
Dove House Article in PT Leader

Calendar for October

Independent Living
Advance Planning Seminar
JeffCo Builders - Safer Stairs
JeffCo Builders - Four Corners Ramp
Kitsap Builders - Back From the Depths
Kitsap Builders - Fall Prevention Event
Kitsap Builders - Off the Streets
Kitsap Builders - The Doctor’s Mother
Kitsap Builders - Referral Ramp
Builder Data

Volunteer Hours

Leadership Roster

September 2019
Chair Report
 Dove House Golf Tournament
A record 111 golfers teed it up for over $18,000 raised from sponsers

Special Features
Supplies Needed For Chimacum Schools!
Bluebills Out and About
Meet Some New Bluebills,, Rich Stalder and his wife, Mary Ann

Calendar for September

Independent Living
Independent Aging Program– Progress Report
JeffCo Builders - Port Townsend Ramp
JeffCo Builders - Sequim Ramp
JeffCo Builders - Just In Time Ramp
Kitsap Builders

Kitsap County Aging & Wellness Block Party

Builder Data

Volunteer Hours

Leadership Roster

August 2019
Chair Report
The Olympic Peninsula Boeing Bluebills volunteers collaborate with the Peninsula Support Organization (PSO)
 to support Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) on the Peninsula.
Additionally, Bluebills have other events that occur throughout year, with other groups.
It is a fulfilling experience, to improve your health and attitude and you will get to meet some amazing people.
Volunteer today.

Special Features
Dove House Golf Tourney - Save the Date!!! ....
George Sickel Passes ......
BB Golf and BBQ - The Faces of Summer ....
Meet Some New Bluebills ..Vickie and Sam Roberts.

The YMCA Summer Meals and Literacy Program...

Calendar for August ..

Independent Living
Kitsap Builders - Three Ramps in Three Days ...
JeffCo Builders - All in a Days Work ...
JefCo Builders - Repeat Customer ..
Builder Data ....

Volunteer Hours, A New Record? ..
Birthdays .
Leadership Roster ..

July 2019
Chair Report
The important reasons to report ALL volunteer hours

Special Features
Bluebills Summer Golf and Barbeque
Dove House Golf Tourney -Save the Date!!!
Meet Some New Bluebills.. Twyla and Dave Jackson

Welcome Our New Social Coordinator.. Gail Parrish
Calendar for July

Cash for Gold Benefits PSO

Independent Living
JeffCo Builders - Focus on Fall Prevention
Kitsap Builders - Day of Caring
Builder's Data
Advance Planning Seminar

Volunteer Hours

Leadership Roster
June 2019
Chair Report ..
New program! It will be named
“Independent Aging”..
Offering advice on end-of-life planning documents including advance directives, wills, and trusts.
essential home records, available resources for healthy living

Special Features
Bob Reasoner- Heart of Service Award
Meet Your Fellow Bluebills
Calling All Bluebills! YMCA Summer Program .
Port Townsend STEM Club to Compete

Bluebills Serve Lunch to Tri-Area.

Calendar for June

Independent Living
JeffCo Builders - Busy Month
JeffCo Builders - Keeping the Job Tidy
Kitsap Builders - Homes of Compassion
Kitsap Builders - Ramps Relocated
Builder Data

Thank You Jamie Bima!
New Members .
Volunteer Hours
Birthdays .
Leadership Roster

May 2019
Chair Report .......
Recognizing our partners, summarizing what our many partners do for Bluebills.

Special Features
Myron Vogt - Citizen of the Year
Bluebills Spring Meeting - Focus on Partners
Meet Your Fellow Bluebills; Francisca and Genaro Garcia ; Jane Opalko

Supporting Future Local Talent
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs

Calendar for May

Independent Living
JeffCo Builders - Handrails and Grab Bars
Kitsap Builders - A Ramp in North Kitsap
Kitsap Builders Seminar in Bremerton
Builder Data 2019

World Vision
Essential Supplies for Kitsap County

Volunteer Hours

Leadership Roster

April 2019
Chair Report .......Builders Seminar on the Bluebills Independent Living Program Project

Special Features
 Bluebills Spring Meeting
Paper Goods Drive at Spring Meeting
Meet Your Fellow Bluebills--Charlie Marquis--Mark Washeleski--Richard (Rick) Morasco

Robotics at Chimacum School
First Robotics Fair

Calendar for April
Waypoints- Future Events

Independent Living
Housewares Drive for OlyCap Homeless Families
JeffCo Builders- Foot Pedal Attachment
Kitsap Builders- Ramps Revisited
Builder Data

Clallam Co. Homeless Connect Thanks BB/WV
Volunteer Hours
Leadership Roster
March 2019
Chair Report ................planned for 2019

Special Features
World Vision Essential Supplies Program Plan
World Vision 21 Day Pick Up Cycle

Meet Your Fellow Bluebills
New Boeing Bluebills   Jim Kowalczyk and his wife, Mary
Jim McGonigle and his son, Kevin,

Calendar for March
Waypoints- Future Events

Independent Living

Kitsap Builders– A Ramp in the Snow
Builder Data


Thank You Letter From Quilcene and Brinnon
Volunteer Hours
Leadership Roster .
February 2019

Chair Report ..........................Summary of what we did in 2018 and .2019 Goals
Builders: (2017 data in parentheses)
World Vision Program:
Money Raised & Special programs
2019 Goals

Special Feature
Bluebills Profile– 3 New Bluebills

Calendar for February
Waypoints- Future Events

Yoobi Boxes of School Supplies for 4 Counties
Chimacum Schools Thank Bluebills and PL

World Vision
World Vision- Thanks For The Boots!
Independent Living

The Importance of Fall Prevention
Medical Alert
Phone Captioning for Hearing Aid Users

Old (School) Engineers ( i remember when.....)
Jefferson Ramp
Builder Data and 2019 Goals

Love Letters
Volunteer Hours
Leadership Roster
January 2019
Chair Report .......Partnership with World Vision...... STEM programs to the Peninsula...
YMCA Summer Nutrition and Literacy Program.......Fall Prevention Program.........Christmas Giving Social

Special Attention
Goals 2019– An Invitation for YOU .
Christmas Giving Event
Robotics Kits For Chimacum Students
Special Feature
Bluebills Profile– Bob Reasoner
Chimacum Schools Thank Bluebills and PSO
Calendar for January ................................................ 15
Waypoints- Future Events ........................................ 16
World Vision
Essential Supplies Calendar for 2019
Quilcene & Brinnon Thank World Vision
Quilcene Children’s Christmas Party

Independent Living
Kitsap Builders
Neither Rain nor Snow nor Freak Tornados.
Adventures in Space
South Jefferson Builders
A Nice Little Ramp

North Jefferson
Cape George Ramp
Rowing Machine Gets new Life
Another Rainy Day Ramp in Port Townsend
Port Ludlow Ramp

2018 Builder Data– Another Record Year!

Healthy Families Thank Clallam Bluebills
Dove House Thank You Card
GBF (God Bless Food)
Brinnon School District Greetings
Volunteer Hours
Leadership Roster
December 2018
November 2018
October 2018
September 2018
August 2018
July 2018
June 2018
May 2018
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March 2018
February 2018
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December 2017
November 2017
October 2017
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 All above summaries To Be Added
February 2017
Co-Chair Barbara notes:  (1): 2017 Initiatives of Improving Community Lives and Improving Member’s Lives. (2): Volunteers to help with the 1st Graders at Chimacum Primary. (3): DonorChoose.org project funding with Google.org matching funds. (4): August 18th Port Ludlow Golf Tournament.
Ramp in Bremerton was an extension to one done 10 years ago by Bluebills
Clallam County Builders built the ramp in only a few minutes over 3 hours
Jefferson County Builders installed a new landing for a woman in Port Townsend.(REPAH), who paid for the material
Shower grab bars and assist handles on toilet were installed
Bluebills will be at the Townsend Food Bank each Saturday in February offering a chance to sign up for free grab bars or railings.
Several new Builders coming on board will be provided with some training
World Vision school supply and distribution now supplemented and donated by Yoobi supplies
New Member:   Robert Chanpong Port Ludlow
Interests:  Bluebill Builders and World Vision Programs
January 2017
To be added
December 2016
To be added
November 2016
To be added
October 2016
To be added
September 2016
To be added
August 2016
To be added
July 2016
To be added
June 2016
To be added
May 2016
To be added
April 2016
To be added
March 2016
To be added
February 2016
To be added
Dec 2015 & Jan 2016
Co-Chair Myron notes:  Renew efforts to get members to participate more in programs. Add and/or improve programs that appeal to members and the communities. Such as Little Libraries, Fall Prevention, Used Hospital Equipment, Member Recognition.
New Member: Samantha Janes E-mail: sevans@idearama.com
47 Bluebills reporting 844 hours
Christmas Social: Huge, great photo gallery
Clallam County Builders project was a 4' x 8' landing and a 4' x 24' ramp. Pictures
November 2015
Co-Chair Barbara notes:  (1) Fall social brunch on Tuesday, October 6 for Dove House Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Agency. (2) Reminder of Christmas Giving Event on Tuesday, December 8 at Silverwater Cafe. (3) Thanks to all the volunteer efforts. (4) Fourth Annual Dove House Golf Benefit on September 18 at the Port Ludlow Golf Course had 104 players. Had lots of Business sponsors (30 or more listed). Lots of Pictures.
Picture Gallery of social events.
Thank you letter from Habitat for Humanity for supplies and support for Port Townsend houses.
Special thanks to the great warehouse inventory crew for our World Vision program. Pictures
51 Bluebills reporting 1255 hours.
Great ramp built for a woman in Cape George. Pictures
Repaired a ramp and a set of stairs (new treads) for a woman in Port Hadlock. Pictures 
The Bluebills will have their Christmas party December 8th from 1-4pm at the Bay Club
October 2015
Co-Chair Myron notes: Review of the July through September activities. And thanks to all those that chaired the activities and membership contributions as well.
Bluebills have a booth at the Puyallup fair. All three Bluebill Chapters are represented
64 Blubills reporting 1407 hours of volunteer service
Clallam County Appreciation Picnic. Covered Builders, World Vision, School Feeding and Electrical Recycling. Lots of Pictures
Be of service, clips from Literacy programs to a letter of appreciation  from  Area Agency on Aging Organization to Rod Harp
World Vision supplies to schools in Shelton, Bremerton, Neah and Clallam Bay and Queets.
Jefferson County Builders Jobs from Shoring up Bridges to steps inside handrail.
August & September 2015
Co-Chair Barbara notes: The YMCA Summer Feeding Program gets better including creative projects for the students.  We now have 10 Kitsap Bluebills working on various projects along with Clallam and Jefferson County. The 4th Annual Dove House Golf Tournament is Sept. 18th. The School Backpack Program is in place and the goal is to fill 80 backpacks with school supplies for students. Quilcene and Brinnon are included in addition to Chimacum.
Volunteers needed for Brew Fest by the Bay. "Eradicate Hunger" has grown with our support throughout the Peninsula
For the past three years, Olympic Peninsula Bluebills have helped Jefferson County victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault by holding a benefit golf tournament
October 6th is our FALL SOCIAL and this year we are doing a Brunch
New Members: Gary Wooldridge, Poulsbo;  Jackie Houle, Port Ludlow;  Dave Armstrong, Port Ludlow;  Robert Keever, Poulsbo;  Martin Dasler, Poulsbo;  Barbara and Michael Burke, Port Ludlow
FALL PREVENTION PROGRAM-PORT TOWNSEND FOOD BANK. The Real Estate Professionals for Affordable Housing (REPAH), provided $300 worth of grab bars and have supported from the  beginning.
Clallam Builders:  New style of ramp, built on concrete base.
Shout-out/Feedback: (1) Need additional Bluebills to support warehouse monthly inventory task, Judy McCay and Karen Griffith; (2) Dove House donation changes, Betty Faulkner 437-5116 Dove House, Laura Paul 344-2494 Homeless
YMCA summer feeding program for kids enhanced with a science flare: Rocket Day.
Rocket launching, Birdhouse building, balloon helicopters and ceramic making.
Bluebills had a booth at t he Jefferson Co Fair, Aug 14,15 and 16
Lots of pictures from the summer Bluebill Social.
Remembering Nancy Lang by Larry Lang
July 2015
A client-pay for materials for the ramp including a donated framing nail gun to us Bluebills
Shout-out/Feedback: (1) No such thing as JUST a volunteer! Larry Lang (2) Notes on being Happy, Ken Orth  (3) Appreciation of other Bluebills supporting warehouse monthly inventory task, Karen Griffith  (4) Volunteering for some things that are outside of the BlueBills normal venue Robert Brown  (5) Importance of reporting all your volunteer hours by Judy McCay.  jmmccay@cablespeed.com
THE Y SUMMER FEEDING PROGRAM:  at Chimacum Elementary School.
Homeless Drive in Port Townsend on May 30th, a big help to OlyCap
A group from Kansas City did a 49 plane fly over at KC stadium. http://www.youtube.com/embed/VImNBuJW3sQ?rel=0
Pictures of ramps, hand rails, grab bars and door knob/lever-handle installations
June 2015
Co-Chair Barbara notes:  Annual Dove House Walk A Mile Event was well received (with pictures). Homeless Program co-chairs coordinated a Community Drive. The Y Summer Feeding Program begins June 26, needs volunteers and provides training.
Shout-out/Feedback: Importance of reporting all your volunteer hours by Judy McCay.  jmmccay@cablespeed.com
Renaissance Alternative School, one of the agencies in Kitsap County that receives World Vision goods, showed their appreciation for all Bluebill efforts
World Vision luncheon (pizza) showed appreciation from both sides for all the effort to make it happen.
Ramps in Port Hadlock, Railing in Port Ludlow and paving in Diamond Point. Plus tips on using off-set door hinges.
May 2015
Co-Chair Myron notes: Bluebill-wide effort underway to increase membership and participation rate including recruiting Boeing Employee Volunteers. New FEEDBACK Column being implemented in June.
WALK A MILE IN HER SHOES event scheduled for May 6th.
Bluebills are sponsoring a Homeless Family Drive in Port Townsend, Saturday, May 30th
Bob Rosen's Classic Bluebills video is on you tube at https://youtu.be/Hv3KoTPNTkk
New FEEDBACK Column being implemented in June.
Thank you letter for wheel chair ramp in Sequim.
Pictures of ramps accomplished in Sequim
William Wordsworth (1815)  I wandered lonely as a Cloud
April 2015
Co-Chair notes: Fast start for 2015. The builders completed 42 building requests and committed to build a picnic shelter for the Jefferson County 4H group. Guest speakers scheduled and special events coming up.
Letter of appreciations from the Parenting Matters Foundation
Fall Prevention Interactive Workshop on April 16 at the Bay Club.
Two new Bluebills, Nancy Davis and Jan Young, met with Andrea Stevens and Betty Faulkner to assemble Easter baskets for the children living at Dove House.
Six new Members added last month.
On May 6, the annual "Walk A Mile In Her Shoes" event will be held in Port Townsend
April is the Kitsap World Vision pickup month. Lots of photos showing last pickup.
Help with renovating the old 32 room Bayside Hotel in Port Hadlock for new home for the Homeless.
The March Builders photo gallery.
March 2015
Co-Chair notes: Detailed 2014 Performance Report and money raised, by programs and special events
Dove House Christmas Giving special notes for thanks.
The Bluebills sponsor a Fall Prevention Interactive Workshops. Dick Ostlund heads this program
Need ID badge for use during events? Valeria Vogt will make one for you. We need a picture so send us one.
THE BLUEBILL BUILDERS 2009 Picture. With Photo Gallery.
February 2015
Co-Chair notes: Bluebill goals for 2015 are to improve member recognition and follow-up with new members to insure they connect with one of our programs
Rose Yim and Betty Faulkner packed up the first delivery to Dove House for the year 2015. It included clothing, household items,
personal care products.
Volunteer hours report for December 2014 190 members 41 reporting 608 hours That’s 21.58% of the members reporting
Clallam Builders: Ramp built in Port Hadlock. Set of entry rails on steps for women in rehab. Another ramp in Port Hadlock.
January 2015
Co-Chair Report: Ways to improve member recognition.
Myron remembering one of the very first “Builders” jobs, in 1998, in Port Townsend. Bluebills helped Jenny stay in her home, then, and she is still there today.
George Sickel on the biggest project we have been involved in here in Brinnon. Lots of pictures
Port Townsend Volunteering past, saved Navy pilot. Refer to: http://www.ptleader.com/news/the-night-a-town-saved-a-navy-pilot/article_f422fd6e-9088-11e4-8976-d39ae84d0cbf.html
Christmas Giving this year included families and individuals in the Jefferson Co. and Clallam Co.Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Programs. Lots of pictures.
Appreciation letter from Beverly Hoffman HEALTHY FAMILIES
November 2014
Olympic Peninsula Chapter presented Norma Vaughn an appreciation award at the Heritage Chapter Lunch.
Chairman's report: Central Leadership Council (CLC) role in interfacing with Boeing for funding and support. Election time is here and 2015 officer candidates are asked to step up to the role.
In September there were 187 Bluebill members; 45 reported a total of 1141 hours. New member Mary Ronen
Golf tournament proceeds check for $15,516.46 was presented to Dove House. That is a total of $32,000 for the 3 years.
Christmas Social / Christmas Giving Luncheon originally scheduled for December 5th moved to December 9th 1:00 to 4:00 pm
Peggy Lee Flentie's Fall Social Photo Gallery
Sequim appliance and electronic recycling event. Including home pickup. Similar to Port Ludlow event in October but larger.
Several ramps built with some of the materials paid for by the Real Estate Professionals for Affordable Housing (REPAH)
September-October 2014
Chairman's Report: Reflects on Quality, Quality and Organization of each Bluebill project/activity
1334 volunteer hours reported in August
Marvin Segar, who moved to California, sent letter expressing his gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the Bluebills.
Letter of appreciation, from Sam Rosenbloom, Principal Chimacum Elementary, for donated school supplies.
Failing ramp and steps replaced for the client in Port Angeles. Clallam Co. VA assisted with finances.
Port Ludlow appliance and electronic recycling event. Including home pickup. EcycleNW from Sequim picked up collected items.
Jefferson County UGN Day of Caring. Collected items for Dove House and for homeless. Garage door ramp in Port Hadlock.
The Third Dove House Benefit Golf Tournament, netted over $14,000. Lots of Pictures
July 2014
Chairman's Report: Weekend feeding program for kids “Back Packs for Kids" is expanding into several schools with added boost for Brinnon
YMCA SUMMER FEEDING PROGRAM July 7 through July 11 at Chimacum Elementary School
Clallam County Builders ramp with pictures
Dove House is in need of paper and cleaning supplies. Betty Faulkner at 360-437-5116 or email bettyfaulkner6@gmail.com
July 14th Social and Golf tournament
"Tip of the hat" to Clallam County Bluebills and Associates who support World Vision good distribution and Builder projects.
JUDY McCAY volunteer hours report
P.T. Rotary donated $18,000.00 to the P.T. Food Bank for a walk in Refrigerator.
June 2014
Chairman's report: (1) Leaders of Clallam and Jefferson County Builders Changing hands. (2) World Vision Program membership cost of $300 getting hard to attain for Kitsap and Clallam County groups. (3) Golf Tournaments need volunteers and sponsors. (4) Report volunteer hours. (5) July 14 Social and golf tournament.
Thank you note from First Step Family Support for World Vision goods.
JUDY McCAY volunteer hours report
Forgotten Children's Fund noted that there was more activity at M-Bar-C ranch, on April 26, than seen in 25 years and it was
thanks to the Bluebills! Lots of Pictures of activities.
REVISITING A N OLD CLIENT.  In 2006 Bluebills did a lot of work on a home for a veteran who has MS. This year Jefferson County Builders picked up several need repairs.
Port Townsend YMCA received a grant for a Summer Feeding Program. June 16 - August 22 at the Chimacum Elementary School. Volunteers needed.
Jefferson County Builders accomplished 2 Jobs involving ramps and landings for 89 year old wheel chair client.
Port Townsend Senior Food Bank Saturdays from 12 - 2 pm.
Marvin Segar Provides Home Safety Evaluation.
The Paul's (Ray, Laura and Claire) install 75 feet of hand rail
Drive for household items for homeless families Will be repeated in the next couple months so save your items.
Remember when: Aug - Dec 2007 October Fest, Christmas Giving and 787 roll out
May 2014
Chairman's report: Bluebills do many things that NEED to be done. List of Things Bluebills Accomplish, with pride.
Spring Social picture Gallery by PHOTOGRAPHER PEGGY LEE FLENTIE
Clallam County Ramp and steps Work of Art Pictures
"Share the Bounty Week" to highlight the issues of hunger in Jefferson County
"Eradicate Hunger" Program.  Contact Jack Randall at (360) 301-0123 or Barbara Berthiaiume at 437-0423
JUDY McCAY volunteer hours report
Contact person list for Bluebill projects.
Jefferson County Ramp projects
Bluebill George Sickel was elected to a ceremonial position of Mayor of Brinnon. Involved with Community activities.
Port Townsend Food Bank Saturdays for Seniors. Fall prevention activities.
Down memory lane: 2009 Independent living, 2006 Building projects and Dove House
April 2014
Chairman's report: Thank you letter from client translates to thanks to ALL.
Bluebills support for the Dove House is on-going
Clallam County Builders hours add up. Now that's a long ramp.
Jefferson County Builders build ramp in Cape George.
Spring social is partner appreciation. April 4th
Urgent request from a Blue Heron School met with lots of supplies. Thank you posters from recipients.
New members Audrey Witsoe and  Charlie Mayfield. 47 Bluebills reported 1201 hours in February.
Port Townsend Food Bank and Fall Prevention and supporting individuals/groups/companies
Eradicate Hunger program will partner with Peace Lutheran Fellowship, Chimacum Food Bank and YMCA to raise awareness.
Concert May 4 from 3:00 to 5:00 pm at the Chimacum Auditorium. May 6 meeting at the Beach Club in  Port Ludlow at 10:00 am. "A Place at the Table" DVD available to view (See review Here). Contact Barbara Berthiaume at 437-0423
"Help the Homeless Drive" going well, so keep saving those household items
2013 Photo Gallery including 15th year aniversary
January-February 2014
Chairman's report: Barbara Berthiaume and Marvin Segar coordinate the 2014 "Increase Member Participation" initiative
20 Year Anniversary 1994-2014 History
Spring Social theme will be "Partner Appreciation. On April 4
A team of Bluebills Help The Homeless with donations, including organization and storage
Bob Rosen and Bonnie Douglass help organize the Quilcene community for weekend feeding for children program.
Pictures of more ramp Jobs
New Members with email addresses and interests.
Departed Bluebills Dick Gilden and Shelly Rousseau
December 2013
Chairman's report: New members should get involved, find out how the chapter functions and volunteer. Great 2 years.
2013 Accomplishments, Programs, Members and Volunteer hours
The Jefferson County Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault group (Dove House) Bluebills Appreciation Award.
A “ramp” In Hansville. Not so much a ramp as a bridge for wheel chair
In Brinnon (1) Fall prevention handrails (inside and out), and (2) a new water pump house (for Dove House request)
John Purvis, world-wide expert on large aircraft accident investigation and aviation safety gives presentation.
18 new members in 2013
Volunteer Program listings and contact person information
Switch back ramp in Port Angeles, with lots of pictures
2014 Officers and program Chairs. Including Officer requirements and expectations.
October-November 2013 Loads of pictures in most articles
Chairman's report: Michael Graham is stepping down from some of his tasks and Ken is asking for others to put up the load.
Jack Randall reflects on all the accomplishments over the 15 year anniversary and specifically the contributions for this year.
The Second Annual Bluebills Charity Golf Tournament to benefit Dove House on September 7, netted $11,000.
The Bluebill Backpack For Kids program aimed at getting the schools supplies netted 60 filled backpacks and over $1000.
A list of volunteer opportunities with contact persons. Get involved with one or two.
Bluebills worked with volunteers from the UGN Day of Caring. on the Dove House Landscape.
Bluebills and community received a stand up barbecue and installed it in Riverside Park on the Big Quilcene River
The Hood Canal Bluebills provided 25 filled backpacks to teachers in Quilcene and Brinnon. And received Thank you letter.
Lee Amundson joined Bluebills November 15, 2000, passed away on September 10, 2013 in Mt. Vernon
September 2013
Chairman's report: Looking for more members to volunteer and take on key duties. Need persons for Chairman, 1st & 2nd Vise Chairs,  as well as 2 Social positions.
Norma Vaughn, Chair, Central Leadership Council reported all chapters volunteer hours for 2013 Quarters 1 and 2.
An appreciation award was presented to Amy and John Miller in recognition of their support of Bluebill's World Vision Distribution Program and being the CEA representative.
Healthy Families in Port Angeles have requested the Bluebills to collect supplies and nonperishable foods from members.
Clallam County builders crew racks up the hours and appreciation letters.
Teri Wensits, Program Coordinator at Catholic Community Services for Clallam County is huge help for builders.
LARRY ELTON, KITSAP COUNTY BUILDERS PROGRAM CHAIR is requesting help for projects that support Independent Living.
Jefferson County Builders get appreciation letters and Port Townsend LEADER article for jobs well done.
Betty Faulkner presented Debbie Linner, of Dove House staff, an award for helping make Dove House a success.
The Port Townsend Food Bank needs any size clean containers.
The M-Bar-C Ranch is located on 60 acres on Whidbey Island just outside of Freeland. The Ranch is owned and operated by The Forgotten Children's Fund. Refer to http://www/forgottenchildrensfund.org Bluebills and Dove House volunteer at the M-Bar-C.
Bluebills presented CEA with an appreciation award for their support of our World Vision Programs.
Photo Gallery of the Summer Bluebill Golf & Picnic Social.  PHOTOS BY PEGGY LEE FLENTIE
August 2013
Russ and Shelley Rousseau Appreciation Award
Farewell Russ Rousseau July 20, 2013
Ken Winter, Chairman Comments - Volunteer hours add up $2,003,958 so far - Bluebill Golf Tournament success
Debbie Linner from Dove House requested packaged perconal care products
The Jefferson County Master Gardner Grant was set to worked by Olympic Peninsula Bluebills (lots of pictures)
Backpacks with School supplies needed by children at Chimacum Elementary School. Bluebills trying to fill backpacks.
9th Annual Silent Auction (Christmas giving) will be held November 2nd. See at http://www.plmga.org/silentauction.htm
Clint Webb paints to benefit Habitat for Humanity
July Bluebill Picnic Social pictures including 3 generations of Val and Myron Vogt
July 2013
Chairmans report: Need more member participation. Consider persons for Chairman, 1st & 2nd Vise Chair
Bluebills to help with the YMCA Summer Feeding Program at the Chimacum Creek Primary School August 5 -12
Bluebills made some wooden foot holders for trike pedals for special needs children.
Jefferson County Master Gardeners donated a number of plants to the Dove House Landscape Project. Sharon Commander is
keeping an inventory of the plants.
Clallam County ramp builders and ramp from house to garage.
A very simple ramp for a home in Suquamish. Awoman could not get into the home. The woman’s daughter coordinated the job.
June 2013 Supplement (photo gallery)
June 2013
Chairman Ken Winter asks younger members to step forward to help and train with aging volunteers
Barbara Berthiaume (vice chair) talks about the “Eradicate Hunger” Meeting on May 13th. Several pictures, including several support and participating organizations.
Ramp ready by the time person is released from the hospital.
Bluebills completed the landscaping (Mulching, lawn seeding, etc.) at the Dove House center section of the backyard.
Jill Alban, a gardening designer volunteered her talents to the Dove House garden that includes an herb garden, bamboo tepee, and plants with a diversity of color and form. Volunteers needed.
Hearts of Gold: Fred Spann (one of "The Three amigos") supporting Dove House
Bluebills installed a second door in place of a window at The Jefferson County Welcome Center.
New member: Ray Paul
May 2013
Norma Vaughn, Chair, Central Leadership Council evaluated all chapters volunteer hours for 2012 as equivalent to $2,003,958.11
Chairman Ken Winter reports about volunteer hours and new programs which include box lunches for kids.
Barbara Berthiaume (vice chair) talks about a new program entitled “Eradicate Hunger” to address hunger and food anxiety in our local community.
Bluebills landscaped and paved new sidewalks at the Dove House backyard to make it more attractive and useful as a playground. Jefferson County Master Gardeners Foundation provide some funding. Lots of pictures.
The Bluebills staffed the Port Townsend Quilcene Food Banks with focus on Fall Prevention and funding help from REPAH.
The Olympic Peninsula Bluebills webpages have many many contributors whose efforts are posted by webmaster Ted Muralt.
Ramp, gate and steps effort funded by REPAH.
The warehouse managers for World Vision supplies, from the beginning to the current managers, are the key to success.
New members: Barbara Shain, Margo Elton and Heather Gilden
A platform or risers under chairs, sofas and beds (yes, even toilet seets) facilitate getting up and down.
April 2013
CHAIRMAN'S REPORT: World Vision Supply reduced. More Builders needed campaign in coming Flyers
New Member Joy Barrett, Sequim,  Interests: Gifts in Kind and School Supply Distribution
Russ and Shelley Rousseau Appreciation Award
Fall Prevention grab bars, railings, etc. Learn the process of installation contact Marvin Segar
Wellness Fair at Fort Worden in Port Townsend Fall Prevention Booth
Thank you letters to Bluebills
Larry Lang reports that World Vision goods has decreased significantly resulting is change of deliveries to schools & charities
Sunland is catering the April 19 SPRING SOCIAL luncheon. RSVP deadline is Friday, April 12
Bluebills build about 50 ramps every year, specially fitted. Pictures of Jim Knight and Michael Graham rebuilding old ramp
Revised World Vision Delivery Schedule
Fall Prevention Table at the Port Townsend Food Bank this month each Friday. Offering free grab bars, railings, etc. installations
March 2013
CHAIRMAN'S REPORT: 37 active jobs for the builders, Port Angeles Home Show, Port Townsend Food Bank on Saturdays
Volunteers needed for This year’s WSSEF. It will  feature a science film festival. Website is www.wssef.org, held in
Bremerton on April 5-6,
OlyCAP Board of Directors announce the appointment of Geoff Crump to the position of Executive Director elective
Bluebills booth at the Port Angeles Home Show.
3-1/2 x 5 foot lighted display sign to go at the back of any booth (or on table)
Quilcene Revitalization Initiative is a coop with Habitat for Humanity
OlyCAP, Home Depot contributions, VCS Clallam County join to complete steps and landing in Clallam County
February 2013
Note from the chair:  Recap of Bluebill functions for new members and volunteer hours definition
Dove House Social Worker, taught a six sessions Safe Dates Workshop to 110 Ninth Grade Health Students'
Olympic Peninsula Bluebills 2012 Initiative results
The Clallam County Charity Golf Tournament will be held on July 27 at the Cedars at Dungeness Golf Club in Sequim
Jefferson County Charity Golf Tournament will be held on September 7 at the Port Ludlow Golf Course
Christmas Luncheon recap and pictures
December 2012 and January 2013
Housing Hero Award for the work done in Quilcene
Christmas giving with help of the Port Ludlow Community Enrichment Association (CEA)
Christmas Social with several videos including Dove house cleaning, Golf Tournament and Project overviews
2013 Initiatives
Chairman's Report
Interior Simple Steps and Railings
Landscaping Grant for Dove House
Dove House Workshop by Bob Reasoner on Personal Self Esteem and Hope
Officers and Chairs
Birthdays and January calendar
2012 Projects & Membership Statistics
November 2012
Benefit Golf Tournament, nets Dove House with a check for $6500
3rd community drive in support of the Jefferson County Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Program for Dove House
(CEA) and Bluebills have been getting ready or the November third Silent Auction
Christmas Giving Luncheon December 6th for families in the Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Program
Jefferson and Clallam County Ramp projects
Quilcene’s Habitat for Humanity’s provide grants to help pay for wheelchair ramps and other projects
October 2012
October Birthdays
2013 Officers
2012 School Supplies Program
Dove House Charity Golfing Tournament
Paved Pathway for 92 year old
Landscape Project for UGN Dove House
September 2012
September Birthdays
September Activities
Golf Tournament
At the Fair
Sequim Gazette Article
World Vision
Bremerton Ramp
August 2012
August Birthdays
Festival Days
August Activities
Back Pack Project
Summer Picnic
Port Townsend Ramp
July 2012
July Activities
Thank You Notes
Festival Days
Summer Picnic
Silent Auction
Ramp Project
Dove House Back Packs
Quilcene Bluebills
June 2012
Chairman's Report
June Activities
Dove House Gardening
Dove House Walk
Thank You Note
Camp Fire Project
Grab Bar
Wellness Forum
May 2012
Dove House Walk
Ramp Project
Volunteer Hours
Wellness Program
Spring Meeting. Photos
Chair's Message
REPAH Fund Raiser
Apr 2012
Spring Social on Friday, April 6th
Volunteer Hours discussion Count all volunteer activities (outside of Bluebills as well)
Dove House Activities, Support projects and Gardening
Dove House Golf Benefit Saturday, September 29
School Supplies
Health & Wellness Fair Port Townsend on Saturday, March 24th.
Four Corners Ramp Project
April Activities
Chair’s Message  The First Ramp Builders of the Olympic Bluebills
Mar 2012
School Supplies
Dove House Activities
Spring Golf Tourney
Central Council Elections
Health & Wellness Fair March to include Lifeline, grab bar installations and brochures
Festival By the Sea Activities July 27-­‐28-­‐29.
Port Angeles Ramp Building
Quilcene/Brinnon Ramp Building
Feb 2012
The Dove House Activities and the Bluebills
Some Jobs Take Longer
It Takes a Community of partnership and funding
Different Kind of Ramp (into bed)
Winter Time in Phoenix Mea and Michael Graham with Dick Ostlund
Chairman Winter's Message: Reporting hours is important including Ladies
Jan 2012
Support for Port Townsend Dove House and their Domestic Violence / Sexual Assault programs
Considering funds for the Dove House Support Program and a golf tournament
CLC directors for the term through 2013 are Bill Lee, Fran Parker, Everett Irwin and Don Hilt. Chairman TBD
World Vision Adventures for January
Bluebills Cumulative Volunteer Hours through Nov
Membership Listing
Dec 2011
June deMers, Treasurer of CEA, presents $10,000 to Larry Elton, Bluebills Christmas Giving Coordinator
Queets - Clearwater School District Letter of thanks for Delivery of World Vision School supplies
Thank you letter from World Vision Staff for pizza and cake
Report on 2011 Bluebill Activities and Hours
Christmas Presents Ready to Deliver from CEA auction and member contributions
Making of Floria One video
Bluebill Annual Christmas Giving Luncheon Dec. 8th pictures
Bluebills Support Dove House
Nov  2011
Oktoberfest celebration and CEA Auction Photo gallery and comments
   2012 Olympic Peninsula Officers Ken Winter, Barbara Berthiaume and Bob Rosen
   Tim Hockett, Director of the Olympic Community Action (OLYCAP)
   Ken Snider and Ed Hughes Cooking Brats
   Mary Stewart and Vicki Tallerico Plugging CEA for Christmas project
   Eleanor Roden and her new red mini-convertible
   Ed Hughes awarded a “Cook’s Apron”
   Bremerton Salvation Army Major Jim Baker new GIK participant
   Larry Elton Receives Award for “Contri`utions to the Bluebills.”
Cumulative Volunteer Hours 2010 vs 2011
New Chair Ken Winter goals for the coming year
GIK now “Essential Supplies"
Ramp for a wheelchair-­bound woman in Port Orchard
Oct 2011
Building “Reading Loft” Jefferson County Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault group
“Volunteer Appreciation and Development” plan for 2012
Oktoberfest celebration coming up October 13
Clallam County Ramp building crew, busy this year
September 19 GIK open house response was light.
Building a ramp near a Casino in Port Angeles leads to bargain brunch
CEA Silent Auction will be held October 15
“Teachers Resource Center” in Fife provides supplies twice per school year.
Sept 2011
Photo gallery of some of the leaders of volunteer groups needing help
Article from the OLYCAP Newsletter
Plug for Christmas giving and CEA auction events
Neighbors Helping Neighbors in Quilcene assisting 92 year old with ramp
New Publicity Chair Barbara Berthiaume
Parenting Matters Foundation letter of thanks
August 2011
Bluebill Summer Social was to show appreciation to the Bluebill volunteers and World Vision organization
World Vision was presented a framed "Thanks" poster for their volunteer hours at the World Vision facility in Fife
Ed Hughes, Ken Snider, Mark Weaver and BK Choy were the official winners of the close golf tournament
The new by-law nominating committee for the 2012 officers is Karen Anderson, Cyndyann Joyner, and George Sickle
Some of the Summer Social Attendees from outside Organizations
    Jamie Maciejewski  Director of Ha`itat for Humanity Jefferson County
    Vicki Tallerico  President of Community Enrichment Alliance (Christmas giving Program).
    Tim Hockett director of Olympic Community Action Programs (OlyCAP)
    Erika Mayfield  GIK Coordinator for Jefferson County
    Bert Goldstein  Chairman Bluebill East-side Chapter
    Walt Hill   ECHHO
    Tanya Royer  President of REPAH (Real Estate Professional for Affordable Housing)
    Cassandra Johnson  Habitat for Humanity
    Lori Oberlander   ECHHO Director
 9   Tricia Graff and Donna Jones  Catholic Community Services
Thanks to REPAH and World Vision we obtained several dozen 18" grab bars for our builders
Fall Prevention Presentations have been given in Bremerton, Brinnon, Port Ludlow, Silverdale, Port Townsend and Port Angeles
Fall Prevention accomplishments
Working Image in Port Townsend moved. New building upgraded by Bluebills. Hadlock Building Supply provided materials.
Dick Ostlund, Chair of the Bluebills of the Olympic Peninsula, asking for more volunteers to step up.
July 2011
Bluebills built a ramp in Sequim for a Viet Nam veteran who was in very bad shape
Bluebills do a number of jobs for the agencies we partner with
Michael Graham worked on wood figures for the Jefferson County Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault organization
Work Benches for the Bike Shop
Railings for the Haynes Street Cottages in Port Townsend.
Playhouse built for the Community Enrichment Alliance (CEA) raffle
Bluebill Community Projects for food bank, school and community center. Shelving, chair repair and more shelving
Neighbors helping neighbors. Porch and steps replace rickety stoop and poor steps.
Chairman's Corner: World  Vision history and successes.
June 2011
Ken Mellott helps to iron out Clallam County unique code/inspection requirements for Bluebill ramps
Clallam County Bluebill Builders busier than ever with pictures to show it.
Clallam County jobs are coordinated by Volunteer Chore Services Director, Teri Wensits
Dick Ostlund, chairman's corner. Re: love of the School Supply Distribution Program
Booth on Independent Living in safe environment at the Older Americans Annual Conference in Bremerton
The Bluebills booth at and the Brinnon Shrimp Fest
May 2011
Fall Prevention Coordinator, Marvin Segar, gave Power Point presentation at Spring Bluebill meeting
Myron Vogt selected to be one of five recipients of the “Jefferson County Heart of Service Award
Railing installed in Brinnon for a lady who had suffered a stroke
Bluebills and Habitat for Humanity Quilcene Project
Bluebills Help Facilitate Bike Repairs
April 2011
Independent Living Program Fall Prevention Coordinator Marvin Segar discusses April 21 Social/Lunch
Newest Bluebill Volunteers, Vickie Tallerico and B.K. Choy, Motivated by environs
Kitsap Sexual Assault Center Special Letter of Thanks for making Christmas special for kids and parents
Major Deck Replacement. Just hauling away the old deck was major. Thank you from client.
Habitat for Humanity asked us to build a ramp on a home being constructed in Port Townsend.
March 2011
GIK Warehouse Manager transitioned From Ed Hughes to Marv Segar
CLC Elections complete: Dick Ostlund is the Oly Pen Chair and Larry Elton shares the CLC Vice Chair
Bluebills support the Tri-­‐Area Food Bank
March is big month for sorting and delivering to Clallam and Jefferson County schools and organizations
Independent Living Program is focusing on Fall Prevention such as Sequim railing.
February 2011
Fall Prevention Seminars begin in February
Port Ludlow ramp (built in 2010) removed and trailer-ed to Port Townsend installation
January CLC Board Elections delayed until February
Budget request for 2011 is $8,700 ($350 GIK Membership dues now required)
January 2011
Christmas Giving Luncheon A Huge Success. The partnership between Community Enrichment Alliance (CEA) and Olympic Peninsula Bluebills again provided gifts and more for family members of the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Programs in Kitsap, Jefferson and Clallam Counties. Lots of pictures of speakers and guests
Thank you Letter to Cyndyann for the Flyer and all her other years of service.
Gifts-In-Kind membership is required to pickup supplies from world vision. The Bluebills purchased a membership and several support agencies have stepped up as well. It appears distribution will continue, with slight modification.
Lots of shoes are available from Walmart, via World Vision. 3700 pair in sizes 1 to 11.
2010 Accomplishments summarized by program. Plus a detailed written review for 2010 events
New 2011 Officers and program directors/support personnel
Chairman's Corner: Bluebill website in review: One enhancement that was made was to integrate our Bluebill websites with the Boeing.com sites.
Bluebill History
The Bluebill name origin as well as the Bluebill Airplane Painting History
December 2010
Community Enrichment Alliance (CEA) silent auction was a great success, Largest ever!
Invitation to the Dec 9 Christmas Luncheon to provide Christmas gifts for families in need
Chairman's Corner: DV/SA as an organization providing legal advocacy, counseling, medical advocacy,  crime victim advocacy, therapy, safety planning, school based prevention groups, education assistance, a crisis line, information and referrals, and emergency shelter.
Dick Padilla gave to the Bluebills and he was given back. Thank You letter from Dick Padilla, for making his house safer.
Community Project to Repair Holiday Lights along the Paradise Bay Parkway
Why Do We Call Ourselves "Bluebills?" The Bluebill airplane picture/history/story.
November 2010
Community Enrichment Alliance (CEA) silent auction to support the Bluebill Christmas Giving Program November 13
Christmas Luncheon Dec 9 to provide Christmas gifts for families in the Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Programs
Chairman's Corner: CEA history and development
Thank you from a Port Ludlow Client whom we put up some railings
Construction of Quilcene ramp was supported by Hadlock Building Supply, Jefferson Community Health Quilcene Clinic, and Volunteer Chore Services. Lots of pictures of ramp construction.
Removeable bar serves to prevent client from falling into the tub.  Plus a grab bar to get in and out of tub.
Thank you letter from Sequim client for ramp job
Carl’s Building Supply provided the plywood and Bluebills built 10 life sized figures for the Jefferson County Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Awareness displays. Lots of pictures.
October 2010 Supplement
Outstanding 2010 Bluebill volunteers recognized at the Oktoberfest social
October 2010
Chairman's Corner: Economic decline impacts Bluebill project efforts and GIK
CEA (with Bluebills) made $1500 on the Book sale program for scholarship fund
Docent Dick Cihak helped launch Apollo flights 8 thru 17 and Skylab. And other history
School supply delivery to 13 schools span the whole peninsula with the help of a lot of volunteers
Olalla Ramp funded by KAAA (first job) crew of 7 in 6 hours
VCS was awarded the 2010 United Way of Kitsap Co. Community Action
Award Supporting Aging & Vulnerable Population * because of Bluebill support
Editors Corner: Archives page note from Cyndyann
September 2010
Oktoberfest celebration and awards for member volunteer recognition (nominate by Sept 15)
Oktoberfest to be Sept 24 RSVP by Sept 17
Chairman's Corner - Elevator instead of ramp to garage
Chairman's Corner - School Supplies deliver 500 pounds to 13 schools Aug 27
CEA Silent Auction, November 13, and the Bluebills Christmas Giving Program, December 9, Coordinators and committees
Small Lot and obstacles requiring additional skills to install Dabob ramp.
Small Lot around the corner special effort to install Port Angeles ramp.
August 2010
Port Ludlow Days July 31st and August 1st
Chairman's Corner - Definition of the School Supplies delivery system
30 Bluebill Builders do not just ramps. Stairs to tree house, Chicken house, etc.
Bluebill organization, structure and a little history
Bluebill Christmas Giving Program coordinator Vicki Tallerico and CEA
Ramp at Port Hadlock funded by OAAA, insurance by CCS
Center Valley Animal Rescue supported by Bluebill Chicken Coop
July 2010
Chairman's Corner - Picnic and golf outing had over 100 - GIK efficiency outstanding
Chairman's Corner - Awards and Promotional efforts will continue to be funded
Ramp thank you letter from beyond
Jim Peterson of World Vision presented Bluebills with a Certificate
Recognition of the Hood Canal Gifts-In-Kind program
Golfing Results
Lots of pictures of Bluebills and Associates
Ramp in the rain at Hansville via CCS and Elks
Clallam Building permit for Port Angeles ramp in 2 days, smoothly
June 2010
Summer Picnic and golf outing to be June 25
Chairman's Corner - GIK praise however, cut back of Boeing Support
Mel Morris passing and Memorial Service
Home make-over for a wheelchair-bound client - per OAAA request
A-Wish foundation to build some stairs to a tree house was started
GIK volunteers at our Chimacum warehouse
Quilcene to Shelton will be called Hood Canal GIK
Shelving built and added to Tri-Area food bank in Chimacum
Out-going VCS, Pat Downey, receives a plaque from the Bluebills
Pat and Teri Wensits incoming Head of Clallam and Greys Counties VCS
May 2010
Mission: To improve the quality of life of our clients in the communities that we serve.
Focus: Providing assistance to the elderly, the handicapped, and the families whose income is limited
GIK Clients served: 54,000 Children; 118,000 Adults; 66,700 Families, (Conservatively) 53 Tax Exempt Organizations including Churches, Schools, and other Charitable Organizations
Review of April meeting of the CLC
Pat Downie (VCS) calls it Quits, replaced by TERI WENSITS
Thank you letters from Schools and other organizations for GIK supplies
Work on OLYCAP cottages on Haines Street in Port Townsend
April 2010
“Partner Appreciation Event”. Over fifty agencies, churches and schools
GIK Warehouse filled and goods delivered including special pickup from Clallam Bay
7 Pages of photos from the Partner Appreciation Event
REPAH, a Jefferson County organization, provided funds for materials for needy.
33 members reporting 740 hours, 1,381 year-to-date.
Letter and picture of "impressive Boeing style.. ramp" from Appreciative client.
Ramp for Port Orchard client referred to us by Catholic Community Services.
Proposed tour of the BLOEDEL RESERVE
Notes about encouraging member inputs to the Flyer
March 2010
March 19 meeting is especially all the groups that we work with.
Quilcene Community Center meeting, last month, recruitment effort
Boeing program “Boeing Strategies” (for grants) are Janie Holtz and Bob Peden.
Leadership Council bids farewell to Merv Shetler after 8 years
Ramp for Port Orchard (lots of pictures) with help from the US Navy done in 4 hours.
February 2010
Dick Ostlund, 2010 Notes from the Chairman
AGENCY/PARTNER APPRECIATION will be held Friday, March 19 from 4:00 to 6:00
GIK Pickup and Delivery Schedule to June
"We want to thank you so very much" Letter from appreciative client in Brinnon
Leadership Meeting dates to end of year
January 2010
CEA have provided $7000 for Christmas Giving Program
Bluebills & CEA have provided gifts for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
Cheryl Bozarth, Director Jefferson County DVSA, was guest speaker
Tim Hockett, OlyCap Director, wished Bluebills a Merry Christmas and thanks for their help
Donna Jones of CCS passed out gifts and thanked Bluebills for their help
Grant Street Green House dedication with picture from PDN
2009 Review: Members: 138, New: 14, Total volunteer hours: 9400 (Est)
GIK Brinnon/Quilcene: Distribute about 4 pallets of goods a month
School Supply Distribution: 4 counties, 25 pallets
Food Truck Unloading: Total food unloaded 72,000 lbs
Bicycle Repair Program: Total bicycles repaired 28
Lifeline Program:  Total Lifelines installed 23 Partner: Catholic Community Services
Brinnon Project: Ramp, and two grab bars in the bath
December 2009
Invitation notice for Christmas party
Marvin Segar coordinated Grant street Elementary, Port Townsend greenhouse assembly
October ** 743 hours contributed by 29 members ** 7891 hours year-to date
Franklin Benson, Sequim ** New Member
Ron Westall passing
Computers available from World Vision and members for needy
November 2009
A gate for the OLYCAP PEA PATCH in Port Hadlock
OAAA request to build a ramp for a woman in Port Townsend
CEA November 7th 300 item auction at he Beach Club in Port Ludlow
Improved safety accessibility for an elderly man living in a fifth wheel trailer
Oktoberfest Memories and pictures
Make a wish boy with brain cancer gets tree house
RSVP for Christmas Festivities scheduled for Dec. 8th
October 2009
Ramp in Sequim
Luanna Cooke of Port Ludlow wins playhouse
20 pallets of goods to 13 schools
August had 35 volunteers report 647 hours
Repaired steps, window and doors for a 87 year-old
Ramp for wheel chair user to his workshop
September 2009
Letter from Olycap to Boeing CEO W. J. McNerney re: Quilcene "makeover" and Boeing pride
Jefferson County Mental Health small room additions
Port Ludlow Days volunteer staffing for Bluebill display
SCHOOL SUPPLY (11 grade and 2 high schools) FROM WORLD VISION
World Vision-GIK warehouse now in Brinnon with local volunteer support
Real Estate Professionals for Affordable Housing (REPAH) asked Bluebills to help Port Ludlow family in need. Small house ended up as big job.
August 2009
Summer Golf and Barbeque Social results and recap
Six Bluebills were presented with achievement awards for supporting our chapter
Pictures and comments from the barbeque social
623 volunteer hours reported for June by 26 Bluebills, making a total of 4,655 for the year-to-date.
Bluebill Life line (medical alert service) installations
Quilcene Community Center celebration including Myrons trophy
Volunteer Chore Services $300 dollar grant from the PSE foundation
John Breslin is a Volunteer Chore Service volunteer, a Bluebill and Musician
Skokomish Indian reservation school thank you letter for school supplies
July 2009
Port Ludlow Golf and Cook-out coming July 17
GIK expanding with more to Brinnon and Quilicene
ECHHO (Ecumenical Christian Helping Hands Organization) newsletter
Last organized work party on the Quilcene Community Center celebration BBQ
Dick Ostlund is coordinating expansion of World Vision (GIK) program
June 2009
Award from Jefferson County Public Health for helping to setup a clinic at Chimacum High School
Play house raffle pictures and details
Port Ludlow Golf and Cook-out coming July 17
Work continues on the Quilcene Community Center
May 2009
Spring Meeting/Social was centered on Builders activities/awards, including Speakers from OAAA, VCS and OlyCAP, with a poem by Donna Jones
Dangerous ramp made safe for legally blind caretaker.
Oak Bay ramp rush job.
Grateful Client Letter.
New Member Michael Brackett
GIK to Clallam County goes smooth, but takes a lot of detailed coordination. 10 pallets, 25 volunteers, Carl's Building Supply truck, over 1100 miles.
April 2009
Carl’s Building Supply of Port Hadlock continuous contributions recognized
Upcoming Spring Meeting to be centered on Builders activities/awards
Pete and Barbara West, Santa's in Florida
March 2009
Original ramp in 2007. Railing added in 2009. Client moved into house 67 years ago.
Funding for improvements to a Coyle peninsula house
Thankful client and daughter provided Lunch for ramp building crew.
GIK distributions largest ever.
February 2009
Chimacum High School FIRST robotics Competition
Independent Living Seminar
GIK Thank You letters from students
Fixing Girl Scout house in Port Townsend
Goals, Objectives and Plans for 2009
December 2008
November 2008
Bob Rosen presented Bluebill documentary video
Oktoberfest highlights and pictures
New members Benson and Holtz
School Supply appreciation letters
Fast ramp for trailer
CEA fund raisers - Bluebill Crafts & Silent Auction
Edith Randall Featured Bluebill
October 2008
School Supply Distribution
Electronic Recycle
Quilcene Community Center Milestone
Bob Rosen Makes Bluebill video
Oktoberfest Announcement Oct 17th
Health and Safety Fairs
Grateful Clients letter
Kitsap United Way Award
September 2008
Quilcene Community Center Construction
GIK/SSD Distribution
Community Enrichment Alliance Picnic
Ramp Project - Brinnon
McGraw Thank you letter & stats for Ramp/aid projects
Shelly Rousseau, Woman of the month
New Members Eastman and Lorenzen
August 2008
10TH ANNIVERSARY Celebration
New Members Zimmerman, Kortman and Breslin
Quilcene Community Center Construction
SpotLight on Jefferson Co. UGN - Bob Peden
Volunteer Chore Services - Kitsap County
Gifts-In-Kind thank you letter
Sharon Commander, Woman of the month
July 2008
Bunks for the Kiwanis Club Camp - Completed
Thanks for the bike letters from Kids
Catholic Community Services appreciate Bluebills
OlyCap appreciate Bluebills (Myron Vogt)
10 year celebration of OlyPen BLUEBILLS
ECHHO (By Jack Randall)
OlyCAP (By Cyndyann Joyner)
OAAA (By Chuck Sherred)
CEA (By Sharon Commander)
Ramp Project - In Brinnon
World Vision visit, Gift-In-Kind & School Supplies
June 2008
Kiwanis Club Cots - Chimacum
Move the Tacoma Food Bank
Ardent BB MIKE KEEFE - Passing
Port Angeles radio talk show-Port Angeles
Stair rebuild-for REPAH of Jefferson County
Woman of the month - Cyndyann (CA) Joyner
May 2008
Spring Social - GIK & School Supply Distribution
Port Orchard - Ramp building
Spotlight on Lies Slabaugh, Big Brothers/Sisters
Thanks to World Vision Staff
Southeast Asia rescue mission - Bob Lambert
April 2008
2008 Goals Meeting
Spring Social Announcement
Sandee Baker Article
Second Chance Ranch Project
Roger Davis Roofing
March 2008
2008 Goals
Largest GIK Delivery Yet
February 2008
Port Townsend Homeless Shelter-Need Volunteers
2007 Wrap up of Accomplishments
Brinnon Ramp
Bluebill Woman-Barb Berthiaume
2007 Holiday Edition
2007 Christmas Giving Program
December 2007
Bluebills Repair More Bikes
One Day in October-Bluebill Activities
Volunteers Needed-Chimacum Science Olympiad
Reindeer Workshop
Thank You Notes-Independent Living
Bluebill – The First Boeing Airplane
November 2007
So-Long Howard and Ruth
Homeless Shelter Work-Port Townsend
Electronics Recycling
School Supply Distribution
October Fest Memories
October 2007
School Supply Distribution
Fire Department Safety Fair
GIK Thank You Letters
Bluebill Agency Spotlight- Jefferson County Mental Health
Ice Cream Social
Brinnon Ramp
September 2007
Dan’s Drive-In. A Wheelchair Accessible Shower
How Bluebills Got Started-Chapter 6
Just Another Ramp- Quilcene
Backpacks for Kids Program
August 2007
787 Roll Out
How Bluebills Got Started-Chapter 5
GIK and School Supply Distribution
Ted Muralt-Web Master
Summer Golf Social
House Painting-Port Townsend
Christmas Reindeer in August
Bluebill Women- Mary Clear-Padilla
July 2007
Unloading Food Bank Truck
Letters to the Editor
How Bluebills Got Started-Chapter 4
Update on Lifeline
In Memoriam – Asa Choate
Senior Care Providers Meeting
Agency Spotlight-Olympic Area Agency on Aging
Summer Golf Announcement
June 2005
GIK Program-Jefferson and Mason Counties.
Bluebills Repair More Bikes
How Bluebills Got Started-Chapter 3
Agency Spotlight-Catholic Community Services- Clallam County.
Mailing out The Flyer
A Different Kind of Ramp-Movable
How Safe is Your Home?
Volunteers Needed for Lifeline
May 2007
Anne Roosevelt, VP of Global Corporate Citizenship
Jefferson Home Health and Hospice
Second Chance Ranch animal sanctuary and rescue
How Bluebills Got Started-Chapter 2
GIK Kitsap Elementary School
Spring Social Coverage
April 2007
Building a Ramp
GIK and SSD Programs
A Ramp in Brinnon
March 2007
Spring Social Announcement
How Bluebills got Started-Chapter 1
Send Your Bluebill Photos to the Flyer
About Bluebill Hours
Agency Spotlight-World Vision
GIK Thank Yous
Agency Spotlight-REPAH
Bluebill Woman-Wanda Sherred
February 2007
Here is the Bluebill Flyer
Service is the Key Word for Bluebills
Thank-yous From Our Clients
Christmas Giving Program
Bluebill Builders
Agency Spotlight-Catholic Community Services-Jefferson and Kitsap Counties.
Bluebills Help with Homeless Shelter
Bluebills Hours
Holiday Edition
Christmas Giving Program
December 2006
Independent Living for Clallam County
Bike Repair
Teacher Resource Center and GIK Program
Electronic Recycling
Chuck Malven Letter
Bluebill Woman-Eleanor Roden
November 2006
Letters to the Editor
Christmas Reindeer
October Fest
Hospital Equipment Repair Program
Bluebill Woman-Valeria Vogt
Backpacks for Kids
Independent Living Program-Status
Sometimes There’s a Little Red Tape-Deck Installation
In Memoriam - Paul Larson
October 2006
Roger Davis House Project
September GIK Distribution
Shrimpfest Contribution
Electronic Recycling Volunteers Needed
Backpacks for Kids
We Get Requests-Keyboard Repair