The Olympic Peninsula Bluebill Flyer
August 2012
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August Birthdays

Val Vogt, 4th
Steve Failla, 6th
Karen Anderson, 8th
Beverly Simon, 8th
Beryl Denison, 12th
Gary Dills, 13th
Evelyn Gunter, 13th
Kay Peterson, 15th
George Ansley, 19th
Cindy Hollister, 27th
Janie Holtz, 30th 
Ken Winter, 30th


Bluebill Booth at the Festival


Thanks to the following volunteers for taking care of the booth at the Festival: Jack Potter, Jim Tipton, Larry Elton, Jack Hawker, Sarah Barton, Michael Graham, Marv Segar, Bill and Peggy Harju, Ken Snider, Truman Thompson, Betty Faulkner, Erika Mayfield, Cynthia Durham, Steve and Elin Failla, and Ken Winter. 

Michael Graham and Marv Segar

Helping to set up, B.K. Choy


On August 10, 11, and 12,  we also have a booth at the Jefferson County Fair.  It  is inside one of the pavilions and protected from any weather.


We will again be looking for volunteers to staff this booth.


Set one of these days aside.  Help Bluebills and see the fair at the same



August Bluebill Activities

Aug 6, Monday-Deliver items to Dove House


Aug 8, Thursday, Leadership Team Meeting-3:00-4:00, Beach Club


Aug 11-13, Jefferson Co Fair. Staffing Bluebill Booth


Aug 14, Tuesday, Pick up at World Vision in Fife-9:00


Aug 14, Tuesday, Unload Food Bank Truck-Chimacum 8:00-9:00


Aug 14, Tuesday, Central Leadership Team Meeting-Seattle 10:00-11:00




Bluebills have a lot of activities going on all the time. Here is what we were doing on the last day of July.


Ed Berthiaume, B.K. Choy, George Cox, Marvin Segar, Bill Hullinger, Jim Irvin, Dick Ostlund, Myron Vogt -

loading and delivering World Vision Essential Supplies to Kitsap County


Davis Steelquist and John Hollister - installing a hand rail for a lady in Quilcene


Marvin Segar and Bill Hullinger - installing two grab bars and a transfer pole for a client in Port Hadlock


Walter-Davies Owen- surveying a railing for a client in Port Ludlow


Betty Faulkner - organizing items at the Dove House warehouse.


Valeria Vogt - making brochures for the Bluebill dove House Benefit Golf Tournament


Myron Vogt and Michael Graham - installing shelving for the Dove House


Michael Graham - contacting potential Dove House Golf Tournament Sponsors.

Back Pack Project

This year Bluebills plan to provide a backpack filled with the appropriate school supplies for all the elementary school children in the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault program in Jefferson County (Dove House). We hope to not only provide backpacks for the children currently in the program but also provide a few to keep on hand to

give to the students who are forced into this situation over the next year.


Our goal is to provide 20 backpacks and supplies for use by Dove House. If we get more, there is always a need for them.


If you care to participate please purchase the appropriate age backpack (up to you to choose) and fill it with the supplies.  Put a note inside the backpack identifying the grade. 


If you want to participate but not do the shopping, make out a $25 check to Sharon Commander and send it to her at 30 Goldfinch Lane, Port Ludlow, WA 98365. She will buy the goods for you.


Here are the typical recommended school supplies for each grade.



Backpack, Crayons, Tissues, Pencils, White Glue sticks,   2 Composition Notebooks, 2 Pocket Folders, Ziploc bags-   quart size,        



Backpack, Crayons, Tissues, #2 pencils, Glue sticks/large, 2 spiral notebooks, large pick eraser, colored pencils, scissors


SECOND GRADE                      

Backpack, Crayons, Tissues, #2 pencils, Glue stick-large   4 Spiral notebooks-wide rule, 2 pocket folders, Large pink eraser, Colored pencils, Scissors, 1 Composition book book

Dry erase markers, 12 inch ruler-inch and cm. 




Backpack, Crayons, Tissues, #2 pencils, Glue stick-large, 4 spiral notebooks, 2 pocket folder, Large pink eraser, Colored pencils, Scissors, 1 Composition notebook, Dry erase markers, 12 inch ruler-inch  


FOURTH GRADE                                 

Backpack, Crayons, Tissues, #2 pencil-2 dozen, 4 Large glue sticks, 4 Spiral single-subject notebooks   

Colored pencils, 4 Composition notebooks, Ruler-inch/cm Black Sharpie pen, Scissors-with pointed end, One-inch 3-ring binder, Binder paper-wide ruled 



Backpack, Tissues, #2 pencils-2 doz., 4 Large glue sticks, 4 Composition books, Colored pencils, Ruler-inch/cm, Black Sharpie pen, 1, One-inch 3-ring, Binder paper-wide, Scissors-pointed.



Backpack, Tissues, #2 pencils-2 dozen, Glue sticks-large, Colored pencils, Colored markers, Two inch 3-ring binder, Dividers for above binder, Scissors-pointed end, 5 Composition books, Binder paper-wide-ruled, Red and Black ballpoint pens, Scientific Calculator (required).


You can turn in your backpack to the Beach Club, the Bay Club or the Quilcene Community Center.  If you have any questions contact Sharon Commander at 437-2486,"


Summer Picnic
Some of the Cook's Crew
Thelma Keefe, Ed Hughes, Ken Snider, and Heather Gilden

world Vision
The World Vision Crew
The Bluebill Award Presentation
 by Myron Vogt

Bluebill golfers 2012
The 2012 Bluebill Golfers
Dan Holtz, Fred Bowen, Myron Vogt, and Jack McKay


We build several ramps in July, here is one we did in Port Townsend.  Left Port Ludlow at 8:30 in the rain. Rained the whole time until we finished at 12:00. Then it stopped. Business as usual.
Tom Conley, the client's wife, Sarah Barton and Michael Graham.
Sarah Barton watches Tom Conley saw off a post. Michael Graham is in the background.

Sarah and Tom installing the railings.