Eastside Chapter


In 2006 the Eastside Chapter began forming so that people who live in East King County can volunteer their time and skills to their friends, neighbors and local communities. This page will be expanded as the Chapter develops and becomes further established. You can read about our Red Cross Project by clicking on the link. Please contact the people named below if you have questions, or are interested in joining this Chapter.

Chair:   Penny Kahn,   (425) 822-4884  

E-mail: pecan55@comcast.net

Eastside Bluebills
Boeing Retiree Organization
P.O. Box 3707 MC 7L-05
Seattle WA 98124-2207

(425) 373-7383

Eastside Bluebills Office E-mail: – tbd –

Eastside Bluebills Key E-mail List

Name Volunteer Position E-mail Phone
Kathy Anderson Red Cross Shelter Project andersoncreel@comcast.net (425) 649-9377
Rich Dworkis BCC Mock Interviews rdworkis@aol.com (425) 643-3045
Lois Farris Donations to Nonprofits/Senior Net Representative ltfarris@comcast.net (425) 746-7386
Bert Goldstein Publications albuzz@comcast.net (425) 235-3847
Dick Gram Habitat for Humanity dgram1@comcast.net (425) 392-7016
Penny Kahn Chair/Newsletter/Website pecan55@comcast.net (425) 822-4884
M. J. Sanker Vice Chair/Volunteer/Social Activities/Secretary (temp)(CLC) mjsanker@verizon.net (425) 788-3490


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