Eastside Chapter Red Cross Project


Join the Red Cross Project!

The Eastside Bluebills have a Red Cross pilot project team trained to staff a disaster shelter when there is an event that requires a local shelter such as flood, fire or other disasters.  Normally the Red Cross uses individual volunteers, but we are called up as a team to staff local shelters only.  It is a fun way to get to know other Bluebills and also help the community in a time of real need.

Initial training for the Eastside Bluebills Red Cross Shelter Team has been completed, but there is always room for new volunteers!  If you would like to join the team, please contact me and I will get information for the Red Cross training classes for you.  Classes include Orientation, Fulfilling Our Mission, Mass Care, Shelter Operations, Shelter Simulation and CPR/First Aid.  Some of our members have even continued their learning by taking the emergency food team classes and have joined an additional Red Cross team! 

Kathy Anderson
Eastside Bluebill Red Cross Leader


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date of this page version: 22 March 2008