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In 2012, the annual Sno-King Bluebills Recognition Dinner was held at the Hilton Garden Inn at Paine Field, Everett WA. The meal was excellent and enjoyed by all. A PowerPoint presentation with photos of our volunteer activities throughout the year was shown.

Click here to see the presentation. (There are lots of pictures, so the download may take a while.)


Annual Sno-King Picnic

Those who attended the 2009 annual picnic at Kasch Park near Paine Field in August all agreed it was wonderful.  The weather was perfect:  warm, with a gentle cooling breeze …… just opposite of last year.  The food was scrumptious: hamburgers, hot dogs, barbequed salmon and chicken (and all the pot-luck side dishes).  Thanks again Dave for everything ! 


Chef Extraordinaire, Dave Skinner, assisted by the “Bobsie Twins"

Don't Panic ... it's supposed to do that!
What are they planning now?
LeRoy Raymond and Bill Otzen in ‘deep’ conversation
  Catching up at the picnic
Dennis and Diane Sellinger   Deviled Egg competition
Rose Johnson, Rose Anne Hayashi, and Merv Shetler
Merv Shetler and Betty Marleau (in a pretty pink outfit and hat)   Deviled Egg contest winner, Lou Lange, and Chairman, Bob Krull



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