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The Sno-King Chapter was formed in 1995 so that retired Boeing employees in Snohomish and north King counties could enjoy the benefits of being a Bluebill and volunteer their time and skills in helping their neighboring communities.

Sno-King members have found many different ways to serve our communities in general, and our neighbors in particular. For example, in 2012 we contributed over 21,000 volunteer hours to various projects ranging from Christmas gifts for needy families, sewing quilts and clothing for various charities, repacking hundreds of science kits used in the Everett school classrooms and stuffing over 3000 backpacks for needy Everett school children. See Projects for more detailed information on Bluebills volunteer activities, a few of which are illustrated here.

"Ladies in Red" at the Sno-King Christmas party: Ella Krull, Betty Marleau, Lou Lange, Rose Johnson, Jean Deering and Linda Bergquist (left to right) Wes and Jean Nielsen view their awards at Sno-King Recognition Luncheon
Rose Johnson of the Sew & Sews working on quilt Pat and Bob Colyer with sign-up sheet for the Salvation Army's 'Adopt-A-Family' Christmas project. They have served that organization for over 10 years during the holidays.
Sew & Sew members with scarves. Bill Otzen, John Stearman and 'Friends' at the Everett Public Schools - Science Resource Center
Sno-King member, Bill Witzke, delights in showing his own airplane to a future pilot at a Future of Flight event at Paine Field. Alan Gale is a long time docent at the Flying Heritage Collection at Paine Field, which showcases many vintage WWII warbirds.
Chris Witzke shown with a blind skier at Ski-For-Light in Provo, Utah. Chris and husband, Bill, help lead blind skiers in a 5K cross-country race ! Sno-King Bluebills refurbish/repack science kits for the Everett School District (Science Resource Center). Left to right are: Bill Otzen, John McCallum, Lee Thomas and Rose Johnson.
'Chef Extraordinaire', Dave Skinner (center) assisted by Paul and Linda Staley at a Sno-King chapter annual picnic. A large group of Sno-King volunteers regularly assists the Science Resource Center by repacking science kits.

We also pay particular attention to the well being of our fellow Bluebills who may have special needs because of health or financial problems. Bluebills enjoy tremendous feelings of pride and satisfaction for the hours we devote to these causes. And those we help realize that someone cares and they don't have to face their concerns alone.

Chair: Alan Rice, (425) 870-2180


Sno-King Bluebills Key E-mail List

Sno-King Bluebills Office (425) 717-6750

Alan Rice Chairman (425) 870-2180
Rose Johnson Sew & Sews (425) 259-4309
  Central Leadership Council (CLC)    
Max Hayashi Volunteer Hours (360) 757-3099
Lee Thomas Special Projects Cordinator (425) 334-7645
Carolyn Jacobsen Recruitment/Volunteer Projects (360) 590-8211
Carol Ubert Recruitment/Volunteer Projects (425) 750-8495
Diane Sellinger Newsletter Editor (425) 267-9257

Come Join Us !

Visit us at a monthly meeting at 1 p.m. usually on the fourth Wednesday of each month.

Check the Newsletter for the schedule of meeting dates.

Sno-King Chapter Monthly Meeting

We meet at the Boeing Everett Employees Activity Center
(2+ miles north of the Boeing Everett plant on Seaway Boulevard).
Or call Sno-King Bluebills office at 425-717-6750 for more information.

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