Seniors, are you here for a Little Fun or interesting Hot Links (below the fun clips)?

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I'm not old...I'm only mature.

Internet Sites Catering to the chronologiclly endowed:

senior-sleepCritical information about Seniors and Sleeping

Senior driving and safety guide

Social Security Online

Seniors benefit programs on the Peninsula

Safety for Seniors at Home
Good source for obtaining tips and hints about preparing for Home security, Fire Safety and several other preparation/prevention issues.

 American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)    All-in-one site that offers practical solutions like medication reminders, a will-creation service and reviews of herbal supplements and vitamins.

Health AtoZ    Find information on over 500 health related topics compiled from government, nonprofit and university sources.

Health news and tests, searchable topics and a place to send in questions.

National Council on the Aging    Helpful articles and links for baby-boomers and seniors who want to learn more about the Web, organized by cate-godes including health, home, money, technology, travel and entertainment.

 A watchdog site for seniors. One article warns: "Beware of salesmen selling scooters and electric wheelchairs."

A thorough guide to senior residences and care options.

A huge resource of links organized by category; plus, a yellow pages section
and links to sites that find doctors, hospitals and child care facilities.

Information about Medicare, Medicaid, estate planning, trusts and the rights of the elderly and disabled.

A nonprofit organization that seeks to educate adults over 50 about computers. Hosts lively discussion forums.

Click on any of the "improve My' categories to improve health, wealth and cooking.