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Boeing retirees have many interests, in addition to those hours they spend in behalf of Bluebills and their community, and many love to travel. In this page we will offer to link your web pages about your travels, if you have such a site you would like to share. Just send us a writeup about your trip and let us know the URL where it can be seen on the web. If you don't have your own site, then send a writeup and some photos, digital or otherwise (pictures are very important -- the web is a visual medium), and we'll post them temporarily on our site for others to enjoy. (Please make sure you are the owner of the images you use for your story, or else get permission of the owner to use the pictures.)

To submit your material, or to tell us about your site, or if you have have information about a Bluebills trip that is open to others, please write to Heinz Gehlhaar, who is the Bluebills Webmaster, or the Central Bluebills Office.

We will also use this page to tell you about any planned Bluebills group travel you may want to join , if you have the time and the spirit of adventure.

The Vaughns and 'Sages' at Trout Lodge (October 2003). Richard & Norma ask us whether we are missing out on something, after their great outing in the Ozarks with some of their friends from St. Louis. The article includes a list of Sages trips and activities which Bluebills would be welcome to attend.
Click here, or on the picture to see what's going on with the Seven Dwarfs (?) in Richard & Norma's Trout Lodge adventure.
Nancy Wright In China & Tibet (October 2003) Nancy had the tour of a lifetime on an emotional and mind-expanding tour to see some of the wonders of China and its people. You can read Nancy's thoughtful, and picture-filled article and learn how the smiles of the people made the most indelible impression. Click here, or in the picture, to read about Nancy's experiences and impressions of China and Tibet.

Bluebills Invited to Sages Retreat
We've been invited, along with the Boeing retirees in Mesa, to join the St. Louis Sages for their 2004 Rendezvous. This event will take place October 4-7 at Trout Lodge near Potosi, Missouri.

Trout Lodge is a beautiful 360-acre YMCA lodge in the Eastern Ozarks and is a favorite of many groups, including Elderhostels, school groups and families. In addition to the 60 rooms, 19 lofts and many cabins, there are craft and meeting rooms and space for the evening get together -- and for the infamous talent show which is part of the grand finale.

Cost is $242 per person for members and $272 for non members, with Bluebills and Desert Sages able to pay the lesser rate. It includes three nights' lodging, 8 meals, access to the fishing lake and mini golf. Golf and craft projects require additional fees.

More information will be sent out later this spring. This is an alert so you can get the trip on your calendars. If you think you would like to attend, you can get more information from Baxter and Peggy Tate at or Gail and Mary Lou Smothers at

Locally, Norma and Richard Vaughn have been to several of the Sages events and can enlighten you about their experiences (Also see the story above). You can reach them at

Trout Lodge's web page is at

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