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Olympic Peninsula Chapter Activities

Olympic Peninsula Bluebills Repair Lost Bikes In Multi-Agency Program

Summer-2003 Bluebills in the Olympic Peninsula Chapter are turning some of their precious energy into repairing lost or abandoned bicycles, which will be donated to needy children at Christmas time and to clients of OLYCAP, Olympic Area Community Action Program.

The number of unlicensed and unclaimed bikes grows throughout the year because lost or abandoned bikes are declared surplus property after 60 days. The Port Townsend police needed a practical way to avoid sending them to the dump. They asked Bob Peden, manager of the Jefferson County United Good Neighbors, to help devise a plan to get the bikes into the hands of people who need them. Bob, also a member of the Bluebills, immediately thought this would be an ideal job for his friends.

Bluebills took the first batch of 35 bikes in for repair. Soon there were another 30 bikes awaiting attention. The condition of the bikes range from unusable to needing little repair. The plan calls for the Bluebills to work with Scott Jaster, owner of Williwaw Bicycle Repair Shop. Bluebills do most of the repair work but Scott does the more difficult repairs and the final inspections to ensure that the bikes are safe and road-worthy.

It's a real community involvement project. The police provide the bikes, UGN contacts the Bluebills and will contribute bicycle helmets, Bluebills and Williwaw Bicycle Repair Shop do the repairs, Catholic Community Services provides funds for parts and services, and OLYCAP provides temporary storage for the bikes. OLYCAP will also be responsible for identifying new owners and distributing the bikes.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s office also contributes a number of bicycles.

From 2003 to 2008  TOTAL BICYCLES REPAIRED is 297