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Big Day for KIN:
Campbell Hill Elementary and Sterling Savings
Make Big Contributions to KIN Success

In early September, KIN supporters enjoyed a big day of celebration. It began at Renton's Campbell Hill Elementary School when principal Reginald Reid held a school assembly to accept KIN's award as its 2003/04 Outstanding School of the Year.

Campbell Hill's principal, Reginald Reid, and Judy Bunnell of World Vision, accept a $15,000 check on behalf of Kin from Bill Zuppe and Heidi Stanley, Sterling Savings' CEO and COO, respectively

Teachers were recognized for their outstanding participation in the program and students were thanked for their part in preparing creative thank-you posters and letters to the many donors who make the KIN program possible. The school received several new office chairs, a television set, and an assortment of premium zipper binders filled with school supplies.

At the same time, Sterling Savings, an enthusiastic new contributor, chose the occasion to present a $15,000 check to the KIN program. This past summer, many of the Sterling Savings branches in the area participated in a fund drive that offered employees and customers an opportunity to contribute funds to provide school supplies to kids in need. Their program was a huge success.

Later in the day, Sterling Savings hosted a Teachers¹ Appreciation Day at the KIN Resource Center. Teachers, Bluebill volunteers and guests were treated to an elaborate smorgasbord of liquid refreshments and elegant appetizers.

Sterling Savings representatives applauded the program, recognized the commitment of teachers and volunteers, and expressed continued interest in partnering with World Vision and the Bluebills in the mutual endeavor to serve underprivileged children in Puget Sound.

BELOW Teachers, volunteers and guests relax together while enjoying a delightful smorgasbord.

"It was truly an enjoyable and energizing day," said KIN's Judy Leyden. "We look forward to many years of continued partnership with Sterling, this generous, community-oriented company," said KIN's Judy Leyden.

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