The Chairperson's Corner

Notes from Bill Lee

August 2015


I want to thank all Bluebills for working with our Central Leadership Council during 2014-2015.

My aim this year is to promote Bluebills, first by doing a better job of letting the public know more about what we do. Second, by contacting retired and soon-to-be-retired Beoing employees to invite them to join us. And thirdly by working more closely with current Boeing employees on joint programs. Hopefully our work will result in a continued growth of this organization and of the worderful work we do in the community, and to assist our members.




I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has an idea about connecting with the new, young blood that is so vital to our success.  Our effort to attract new members through a Bluebills Facebook page has not yet generated much activity, but we believe Facebook can also provide a quick and simple way to communicate with our members, once more members 'Like' (subscribe to) our page. Updates to the Bluebills Facebook page can be made by anyone who subscribes, so this could be a way to get the word out about a special volunteer needs or events without needing the webmaster to post it.

We must spread the word about our good deeds. Even though the final reporting of our hours for 2014 has not yet been completed (we are still counting!), we should once again be in the range of 80,000 to 90,000 hours of volunteer service, continuing our remarkable record of serving our communities.  We are proud of our record and its impact on our communities. Click on the Icon below for a history of our service.  Spread the word!

Have a Wonderful Fall, and thanks for all you do.

Bill Lee

2014-2015 Chair, Central Leadership Council

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