Teacher Resource Center
(Formerly Kids in Need)

How the Teacher Resource Center Works

The Teacher Resource Centers in Kent and South Seattle are stocked with items for kids in need who don’t have basic school supplies.
Who Qualifies to Use the Resource Center: 
The supplies go to schools where the need is greatest.  To qualify, 70 percent of a school's students must be eligible for free or reduced price lunches.

When Do Teachers Come?
Schools are assigned to come shop on specific afternoons once every three months.

Kids In Need Resource Center

What Do the Teachers Do When They Visit?
They shop for whatever they will need to support their study plans – crayons, paper, pens, notebooks, computer software and novelty items. Teachers also take desk and office items that will help them be more organized: calendars, desk pads, thank you paper, etc. Teachers also appreciate the learning tools and incentive rewards they can take away: booklets, maps, puppets, bookmarks and the like. These items are fabricated by volunteers from Bluebills, World Vision employees, Boeing employees, students and non-profit agencies.

Do Teachers Like the Teachers Resource Center?
Indeed they do. Teachers have big hearts. Most of them were accustomed to digging into their own wallets to furnish the supplies their students lacked. The program enables teachers to teach without worrying whether the kids have sufficient supplies. A quick glance around the resource centers at the colorful posters will assure visitors that there are hundreds of very thankful kids and teachers. (see the PI Story "Teachers Call it Incredible")

Who is Sponsoring the Teachers Resource Center?
The centers are sponsored through World Vision, SHOPA (School, Home and Office Products Association), The Boeing Company and the Boeing Bluebills (Boeing retirees and their spouses.).

Where do the School Supplies Come From?
A majority of the supplies come from World Vision. The balance is donated by Boeing employees, SHOPA and other concerned businesses and individuals.

Cash Contributions Can Help
Students In Your Community
Succeed in School.
Call Bluebills at (206) 544-5772,
or write to Jeanette Fields (jfields733@aol.com)

Want to Help Out? We need YOU! 

We need:  

  • Store assistants
  • Check In/Out assistants
  • Administrative support

Contact Jeanette Fields (jfields@aol.com)

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