Bluebills Honor Memory of Roger Bouck

“A Full, Meaningful Life”

artbouck.jpgBluebills lost a valuable performer in its bid to be a full-service community volunteer organization with the passing of Roger Bouck in mid-March.  A few days before he died, Bluebills and United Way of Snohomish County honored him with a ceremony of thanks and gifts.  The Bluebills presented him a framed portrait of the Bluebill airplane and Snohomish County announced that it has named a volunteer of the year award in his honor.

Roger, 76, wore an oxygen tank to help him breathe, but his heart was attuned to others in need.  He was loved for his wit, his gift for listening and for possessing outstanding organizational abilities. In spite of declining health, he continued to be involved in his beloved projects.

He was the recipient of the State of Washington Governor’s Award for Excellence for Outstanding Volunteer Service.   In 2006, he received United Way’s Spirit of Snohomish County Reeves/Sievers Founders Award for lifetime commitment to community service.  Many of his contributions have been through his membership in Bluebills and in Rotary International.  Rotary called him their “Energizer Bunny” because, as the name implies, he never stopped going.  He would see the need, come up with the plan, and find the resources and people to get the job done.

For Bluebills, he served as chair of our fledgling organization in 1995 and led the group for the first five years.  He helped start the Kids in Need Resource Center and its sister organization, Gifts in Kind.  He, jump-started  the SnoKing Chapter of Bluebills.

Roger was a tireless warrior in the battle against human suffering.  He originated the highly-successful United Way Volunteer Expo as a way of promoting volunteerism and helped provide practical and humanitarian aid around the world to victims of poverty, war, famine and other disasters through Eagle’s Nest, a Mukilteo non-profit organization.  His ministry with Presbytery of North Puget Sound included putting on regional workshops for Stephen Ministries, an organization that helps laymen help others in their congregations.  There are many more stories to tell about his full and meaningful life.  This is the tip of the iceberg.

Roger’s many friends and colleagues mourn with his wife Lovell and family.




Appreciation Ceremony


Roger Bouck received thanks for his full, meaningful life at an awards ceremony in mid-March.  Left to right, Karen Crowley, vice president of development for United Way of Snohomish County; Lovell Bouck, Roger Bouck; Merv Shetler, Heritage Chapter chairman; and Bob Krull, SnoKing chairman, colleague and friend, who arranged the ceremony.


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